Wednesday 25 May 2011

What else can soil do for us?

The Soil Science Society of America has published a list of short, medium and long term research challenges that it says is crucial to maximising the potential of the 'single environmental asset that, if protected and nurtured, could help us solve the most pressing problems facing humanity - the soil.'

“Food and energy security, water availability and quality, and climate change adaptation and mitigation are some of the greatest challenges facing our society,” says Chuck Rice, President of the Soil Science Society of America and a distinguished professor of soil microbiology at Kansas State, “Appropriate management of soils offers the potential to provide solutions for each of these challenges.  Soils also provide a direct link to human health as a source of antibiotics and other medical products.”

The research priorities include better understanding the role of soils in improving human and ecosystem health as well as addressing food and energy security and climate change challenges.  Read the research priorities here.