Friday 15 March 2013

Cuba Continues Work on Soil Improvement

The Prensa Latina news agency reported on the March 13 that increased production of organic fertilizers and bio-fertilizers, along with conservation activities are among the measures adopted in 2012 by Cuba to improve its soils. According to Dagoberto Rodriguez, director of the Institute of Soil at the Ministry of Agriculture, the production of organic fertilizers and bio-fertilizers grew last year by 4.5 percent over 2011.

In relation to the conservation and improvement of soils to produce higher agricultural yields, the official told Granma newspaper that about 64,500 hectares benefited from the measures. Rodriguez also said that studies are underway aimed at improving the care of soil, which contemplate a change in nitrogen fertilization.

In this regard, the director of the Institute of Soils considered the link between research projects and production to be a priority for the Ministry of Agriculture, along with the intensification of work aimed at developing bio-fertilizers programs that allow for the recovery of organic matter in soils, affected by overexposure to chemicals.

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