Saturday 16 March 2013

Michelin offers soil-protection advice

Michelin has created a free downloadable guide advising farmers and contractors on how they can better protect their soil. The easy-to-follow booklet entitled, ‘Protect Your Soil’ offers a range of useful hints and tips from determining the different types of soil to ways to prevent soil damage by compaction.

Split into five sections, including chapters on the impact of tyres and the benefits of fitting tyres with MICHELIN’s Ultraflex technologies, the booklet offers a number of practical solutions for overcoming soil compaction.

“Trying to reduce soil compaction is at the forefront of many farmers’ and contractors’ minds and as such we wanted to produce an easy-to-use and interesting guide, that would help those in the agricultural industry better understand their soil, and the steps they need to take in order to reduce compaction”, says Mike Lawton, Commercial Director of Michelin’s Agriculture division.

Read more and download the booklet here.