About me

Alex Dinsdale

I'm Alex Dinsdale.  I'm fascinated by food and the environment, and how we're all going to increase the sustainability of food and farming over the next century.  I'm particularly interested in how new technology and new ways of growing crops will help us to do this.

I work for the National Farmers' Union and am based at Easton College, near Norwich.  I'm FACTS qualified and have recently gained my BASIS certificate in soil and water management.  I'm also a member of the BASIS Professional register.

I'm particularly fascinated by soil and water, the two most important resources for farming.  I'm interested in ways in which improved management of soil and water can help to address the challenges facing us all – climate and environmental change, population growth, biodiversity loss, resource constraints and increasing demand for food. This interest is not confined to the UK but to both developed and developing countries across the globe.

This blog is intended to be a repository for items, news and research of personal interest but I hope that visitors to this site may also find it a good read.

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This blog is a personal one and in no way connected to the NFU.  Views and opinions are my own or those of the authors/editors of articles, reports and features which I cover.